Beauty Shots ( 3 x 4 days)

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Beauty Shots

Ingredients: beetroot, acai powder, goji berries, lemon  

·         It can be consumed pure or added to juices. 

·         3 daily per 4 days. 60ml bottle each


·         Enhances brain function.

·         Improves heart health.

·         Antioxidant powerhouse.

·         Boosts energy and performance.

·         Fights against disease/illness.

·         Helps maintain healthy skin.


·         Beetroot can reduce high blood pressure.

·         Beetroot can help people with heart failure and heart disease.

·         Beetroot can help you exercise for longer.

·         Beetroot can help fight against cancer cells.

 Goji Berries:

·         Protects the eyes.

·         Provides immune system support.

·         Protects against cancer.

·         Promotes healthy skin.

·         Stabilizes blood sugar.

·         Improves depression, anxiety, and sleep.

·         Prevents liver damage.

Ultra-fresh product, cold pressed, without preservatives.


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